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We like podcasts!  We like listening to them, we like making them, and we like helping others with theirs.  We have space to record.  Let us help you create your podcast.

Podcast Start Up

This is for the person who always wanted a podcast but didn't know where to start.  We spend up to 8 hours securing cover art, recording & editing the first episode, tagging & preparing for upload, creating & signing up for an online host, and finally uploading up to a 20 minute episode.  This can be done in one sitting or spread across up to 4 sittings.  $250

Podcast Hourly

Do you prefer to pay as you go?  Not ready to commit to 8 hours.  This includes recording, editing, and/or coaching.  I'll show you to equipment and process I use and you can decide to go out on your own or come back for more.  $50/hour (2 hour minimum) 

Podcasting Starts Here.

Have a podcast idea but don't want to learn all that being the scenes stuff.  Bring you finished audio file and you'll be added to our next show.  $100

Podcasts you gotta here!

The Bipolar Bitch

2 millennial women tackling the uncomfortable topic of mental illness. Listen as they dig deep into their own personal struggles and the struggles of others.

The O Factor

The O Factor celebrates us with discussions about everyday life.  From how to be a better person to how to open a bottle of wine, it will be here.  It's aimed at making life better, more satisfying, and fun!

In the Artist's Studio

This podcast spotlights local and regional artists and craftspeople.  We're gonna go into their creative place and tell you all about it.

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